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Martha Fry

Are you trapped by anger or constant irritation? Even if you think you have forgiven someone, latent anger is a sure sign you are suffering from an unresolved offense or abuse. And in an effort to protect yourself, you have likely hurt others as well. Managing anger will never get you to freedom. You have to address the root cause. Forgiveness is not necessarily reconciliation. Forgiveness is not magic, and healing is a process. MOVING FORWARD will guide you to the root and help you begin to do the work required to walk in forgiveness. It will help you let go of the stuff that is killing you and guide you down the road to freedom!Moving Forward clarifies what it means to forgive as an act of faithful obedience without minimizing the offense and its consequences. This book is a God-send for those hurting from abuse or unresolved offenses as it highlights how what we have experienced doesn't have to be our permanent reality. Moving Forward shows us how to acknowledge our pain, heal from hurts, and be inspired by hope.

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Matt Fry

Understand that your past does not define who you are, that your fears and insecurities can be replaced with the truth of God's Word, and that when you truly encounter God, you will discover who you are. What you say and believe about yourself determines your destiny. But many people struggle with understanding who they are. They allow past mistakes to define them and shape their future.

In I Am Matt Fry opens your eyes to the true identity you have in Christ. He uncovers seven key truths from the “I Am” statements of Jesus that will help you see who He is. You will be empowered to find Jesus and begin a new life with the power to become everything He has created you to be.