Meditation Group

New programs coming 2022

Messianic meditation focuses on filling and renewing your mind with revelation from
God through connection with the Holy Spirit. Susanne is a Spiritual Life Coach certified in Biblical Reiki spatial energy healing & meditation coaching with Sacred Tree Ministries.

We’ve all been told that we need to meditate on God’s word, that we need to spend time with Him, that we need to give our worries and our cares over to Jesus. Many struggle with exactly how to make this connection! At Sacred Tree, we focus on relaxation and meeting with Jesus. 

In this biblical meditation class, I teach very practical and easy ways to relax, shift your focus, and spend time in the presence of God. As a Biblical Reiki spatial energy healer, I specialize in clearing negative energy from the environment in order to remove all external obstacles that get in the way of you meeting with God. You’ll feel the difference when you walk into the room.


During our meditation time, we will focus on two areas; relaxation and meeting with Jesus. Meditation classes start with a short introduction and then instruct students on how to let go of the tension in our bodies that often prevent us from truly being present and connecting with God. We then move into a guided meditation that visually walks students through meeting with Jesus and handing all of our cares and worries to him, followed by a period of personal mediation on God’s word through music.