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reclaim ground the enemy has taken

RECLAMATION is a deep dive into the spiritual realm in a way that is not filled with sensationalism, but through an understanding and application of the provisions of the cross to reveal and heal the very real demonic presence in our lives. 

"I set before you Blessings and Curses, choose life" and "We do not fight against flesh and blood but against...." are clear references in scripture to the very real spiritual side of creation and the cross.


Jesus came to redeem man from the mistakes of Adam and Eve and those that followed.

He gave us a way out of the spiritual and physical suffering we experience.


The Sacred Tree team is trained and experienced in allowing the Holy Spirit to redeem generational curses, past sins, unforgiveness, brokenness, and areas of our homes, offices and lives that are affected by demonic attachments and unclean spirits.


Though this area of Christianity is not referenced often, this is not a cooky, mystical, or "weird" form of spirituality.


This is a biblical application of the bible to do the very nature of work Jesus commissioned his disciples and the disciples that followed, to do. "

'You will do greater works than me"

Important Note: These services are only available to those who follow Christ. A pre-interview is required before services will be scheduled.



House Blessings - Moving into a new home/apartment? Bringing a new addition into your household? Sacred Ministries will help clear the energy from past interactions, attachments, and generational and land curses and help you start this new season in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Metal Cross


The removal of energy remnants & unclean spiritual or object attachments from Churches, Offices, or Christian Homes or the spiritual preparation of a space before or after an event.


*Only available to those who follow Christ and a pre-interview is required before commitment.