Spiritual Life & Meditation Coaching, empowering Christian women to slow down, connect with God & live a more balanced life.

At  Sacred Tree Ministries we combine holistic inner healing and biblical meditation techniques with the power of the Holy Spirit to help you slow down, stop going in the wrong direction, and apply biblical principles to living a life where you know your identity and are able to create a lasting connection with God.

Think of your mind as a fast-moving train. When we realize we are going in the wrong direction many people just simply try to turn around. This never works and often ends in a derailment in the form of unachieved goals, condemnation, and shame. Realistically the first step in any healing or change process is to get the runaway train to slow down!

Sacred Tree Coaching works because we take an honest and direct approach to identifying where you are and outline the next step in reaching your goals. We create true and honest partnerships with our clients and walk you through each stage of your inner healing and life goal achievement process!

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Meet our Team

Susanne Koenigsberger

Spiritual Life & Mediation Coach

Susanne Koenigsberger, Founder of Sacred Tree Ministries, is a Certified Life Coach & biblical Spacial Energy Healer. Her passion is helping Christians achieve peace and balance in their relationships, home, and everyday life.


Susanne started her Messianic meditation & biblical healing practice out of her own trauma recovery & the need to understand that her safety & security rest in her relationship with God.


Her honest and direct approach and willingness to challenge identity issues with Holy Spirit-led wisdom and discernment is what makes Sacred Tree Unique among other coaching programs.

Elyssa Lee

Christian Counselor

Elyssa Lee is a partner at Sacred Tree Ministries and practicing psychotherapist with her Master's in Social Work concentrating in Clinical Psychology.


Her desire is to help people heal from past hurts and restore their true identity in Christ so they may live loved, whole, and free.



Meditating on Beach


We’ve all been told that we need to meditate on God’s word, that we need to spend time with Him, that we need to give our worries and our cares over to Jesus. Many women struggle with exactly how to make this connection!

At Sacred Tree, we teach very practical and easy ways to relax, shift your focus, and spend time in the presence of God. Allowing you to space to shift your focus from living in fear, condemnation, or anxiety to achieving your goals in family, work, and ministry.

Online Meeting


One-on-one, six-week, intensive coaching, and training on how to take your thoughts captive and shift your focus to an intentional and continued connection with God from which all blessings flow. Contact me for more details.

4 Week Group Mini Courses that tackle subjects like low self-esteem, anxiety, and other common identity issues that stem from a lack of healthy coping skills and a damaged identity.

Metal Cross


The removal of energy remnants & unclean spiritual or object attachments from Churches, Offices, or Christian Homes or the spiritual preparation of a space before or after an event.


*Only available to those who follow Christ and a pre-interview is required before commitment.



House Blessings - Moving into a new home/apartment? Bringing a new addition into your household? Sacred Ministries will help clear the energy from past interactions, attachments, and generational and land curses and help you start this new season in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Dining Room and Kitchen Interior


Coming soon...