Empowering women to slow down, connect with God, and live a more balanced life

Stop living a life bound by fear, anxiety, worry, and stress as you learn to slow down and meet with God in a real and tangible way. Claim your access to the freedom, healing, and uncommon joy available to you through a Kingdom mindset today! 

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Sacred Tree Difference

At  Sacred Tree Ministries we combine holistic inner healing and biblical meditation techniques with the power of the Holy Spirit to help you slow down, stop going in the wrong direction, and apply biblical principles to living a life where you know your identity and are able to create a lasting connection with God.

Sacred Tree Coaching works because we take an honest and direct approach in identifying where you are and outlining the next step in reaching your spiritual and inner healing goals.  


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Empowering Christian women to live a more balanced life by teaching biblical principles who you are in Christ and who Christ is in you so that you can overcome the lies of the enemy and live a more God-centered life!